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Every place tells a story.
Every person portrays an allegory.
Every object recites a beautiful tale.

Listen with your heart to the stories of happiness, allegories of love and adventure, and tales of serendipitous discoveries.

Monogatari is a platform that creates meaningful connections between travelers and locals by communicating stories from within.

Read a story, tickle your curiosity and embark on a journey to explore rural Japan off the beaten path.

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Emerging from the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami that left the city in ruins, Ishinomaki is now reborn into a city of novel innovations, brimming with fresh ideas of unorthodox businesses. Situated along the Pacific Ocean coasts, Ishinomaki is home to one of the world’s three largest fishing grounds, wh....

Ishinomaki 石巻

In the little town of Urahoro, cows graze freely in the green meadows, birds glide through the wide blue yonder, and people live a life of simplicity and contentment. Head down to the farms to lend a hand to a local farmer in his edamame harvest, drive down to the Kobukariishi coast for a picturesque landscape of the Pacific Oce....

Urahoro 浦幌

Embark your journey through Shimokawa’s forests. As you maneuver between the trees, you can pick out the smell of fir sap, the sound of birdsong, the tracks left behind by deer and foxes- and feel the therapeutic effects of “shinrin-yoku”- the Japanese practice of forest bathing. Learn about Shimokawa’s connection to its forests....

Shimokawa 下川

Stumble into a time machine that will bring you to a whole new world in Seiyo. Comfortably tucked in the south-western corner pocket of Ehime prefecture in the Shikoku island of Western Japan, Seiyo is blessed with the alluring charms of green mountains, a shimmering Sea of Uwa and a time-honored village dotted with traditional ....

Seiyo 西予

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Ishinomaki 石巻

At World’s End

Japan is an island nation. People here like to say this by way of explanation, as if to excuse their quirks and customs.....

Ishinomaki 石巻

The Coldest Winter, The Warmest Hearts

There is a secret in the rural town of Ishinomaki: You are welcome anytime.....

Ishinomaki 石巻

More Than a Recovery

The geography of Ishinomaki is a clamorous mix of scooped out coastlines, flat flood plains, thickly forested hillsides....

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