Stories From Within MONOGATARI

Presented by BOUNDLESS


Every place tells a story.
Every person portrays an allegory.
Every object recites a beautiful tale.

Listen with your heart to the stories of happiness,
allegories of love and life, and tales of serendipitous discoveries.

Monogatari is a platform that creates meaningful connections between travelers and locals by communicating stories from within. Stories are a powerful tool to express emotions, convey messages and imbue experiences with meaning. Through our stories, you will find yourselves traversing new territories with fresh perspectives, engaging with people and reconnected with yourself on a deeper level.

We work closely with our local partners and engage in conversations with theresidents on a regular basis to ensure that our activities directly benefit the local communities and do not pose a threat to the local environment.

Monogatari means “stories” in Japanese, and is made up of two Japanese words- mono (things) and gatari/ katari (to narrate/ speak). In other words, the literal interpretation of monogatari translates into “the narration of things”, or “what things speak about”. This reflects a Japanese way of belief that gods are enshrined in every animate or inanimate object, and that life exists even in non-tangible matter. Beyond the superficiality of things we see with our eyes lies a story from within to be told.

Why We Do?

Over the past decades, we human beings on Earth have become more interconnected than before thanks to the rapidly developing internet technology.
We have also managed to lift families out of poverty, reduce illnesses and eradicate hunger and water sanitation problems in many parts of the world. At the same time, however, we are facing unprecedented new challenges in climate change and an expanding inequality between the riches and the poor.

The myth that globalization is a panacea for all problems is gradually being debunked as we are starting to see the backlashes of the phenomenon. The veil is slipping away to reveal the blemishes of the double-edged sword.

In many ways, globalization has caused a rift between the global and the local. Neo-liberalist free trade between countries is threatening the existence of small-scale local farming communities. Factories owned by multinational manufacturing companies are causing environmental pollution with undesirable consequences such as extreme weather events and disasters. The global race for personal affluence, economic growth and technology advancement is leaving local tradition and culture behind.

The sheer speed of globalization is making us blind toward local cultures, deaf against local voices and indifferent to local stories. We seem to be losing our ability to look beyond the superficiality of things into the values and stories within.

Monogatari serves as a platform to provide an outlet to communicate these local stories and voices to the global audience. We believe that, be it in our daily lives or as we travel, stories provide us the ability to look beyond the superficial value of things and gain a glimpse into the innate core values from within.

Meaning of Logo

The logo of Monogatari is a dandelion flower. The iconic canary yellow blossoms of dandelions turn into bulbous, fluffy puff balls that disperse in the air as the wind carries the seeds over long distances. The floral meaning of dandelions is a gift to a loved one, wishing for his or her happiness.

We hope that travelers will learn about fascinating stories from rural Japan and bring them back home to share with their families and friends. Like the dandelion seeds, these little stories will be etched onto travelers’ minds and be spread across oceans around the world.


BOUNDLESS is a social enterprise that connects the global with the local, with the aim of achieving sustainability of local communities and cultures, together with their timeless values and stories from within.

Meet Our Team

Dennis Chia (CEO and Founder)
Born and bred in Singapore. Moved to Japan in 2008. Founded BOUNDLESS in 2017. An avid language learner and traveler, Dennis went to all 47 prefectures of Japan during his first four years in Japan. Having established an extensive social network consisting of educational personnel, craftsman, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and designers, Dennis started his own social business with the aim of reevaluating the charms of rural Japan and finding solutions for the multitude of problems faced in rural Japan. He is currently building a new community of international students and working professionals to contribute to Japan’s revitalization movement. With the knowledge and experience accumulated in Japan, Dennis wishes to contribute to creating a sustainable future in the world.

Alejandro Pineda Sanchez (Assistant and Advisor)
Graduated with honors from University of Alicante in 2016, with a specialty in technologies applied to the Architecture and Urbanism. Since 2017 he has been working in Revitalizing Projects in various prefectures of Japan as a member of Sosei Partners. He obtained the first place in the 8th “Healthy Housing Awards” international competition, and participated in urban rehabilitation projects in Spain such as “Open Up Seneca” in Alicante. Currently (as of 2019), he is PhD candidate at Keio University (Japan).

Liao Yuting (Designer)
From Tainan, Taiwan. Loves traveling, taking photographs and indulging in good food. Graduated from National Taiwan University of the Arts, specializing in visual communication design. Gold award winner at Asia Student Package Design Competition (ASPaC) 2017. Currently (as of 2019) working as an art editor and sales assistant in Kaohsiung.

Vu Mai Linh Monika (Former Intern)
From Hanoi, Vietnam. Loves student organizations, social activities, youtube and detective novels by Higashino Keigo. Currently (as of 2019) is a a junior and a Top A Global scholarship recipient of Toyo university.

Company Info

Company Name: BOUNDLESS
Address: 305 Cosmo Ichigao, 1150-2 Ichigao-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Japan 225-0024
Established on February 1, 2017