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Seiyo 西予


Stumble into a time machine that will bring you to a whole new world in Seiyo. Comfortably tucked in the south-western corner pocket of Ehime prefecture in the Shikoku island of Western Japan, Seiyo is blessed with the alluring charms of green mountains, a shimmering Sea of Uwa and a time-honored village dotted with traditional merchant buildings dating back to the 18th century. Take in a deep breath with a whiff of gentle aroma from the terraced citrus fields growing organically a wide myriad of oranges, take a stroll along the sparkling and calm sea, or hop onto a boat that takes you to the bay where pearls are naturally bred. Soothe your soul in Seiyo, and savour an experience for a lifetime.


Visit to Muchacha-en

This community-rooted company was formed by an union of orange farmers initially. It has since then opted for organic farming of citrus fruits without the use of chemical fertilizers. Learn about the company work from growing to processing the products and how it maintains the good relationship with the region and local residents.

Orange Farming

Climb up a steep mountain of orange farms and help a local farmer in the laborious work of farming. The type of work varies depending on the season.

Visit to Pearl Breeding Grounds

Step onto a boat and speed down the Sea of Uwa to witness the breeding of natural pearls. Learn about the tedious processes behind the production of the iridescent pearls that form our majestic accessories.

Historic District of Unomachi

Immerse yourself in the ancient town surrounded by immaculate white walls of buildings frozen in time since the Edo era more than 200 years ago.

Uwa Rice Museum

Do not be deceived by the name- Uwa Rice Museum is more than a museum. In fact, it used to be an elementary school that had closed down in recent years due to declining population. It has now turned into a museum that displays the history of rice farming, a cluster of co-working spaces and a hipster cafe.

*We work closely and directly with our local coordinators to ensure that our presence in the local region does not pose as a threat to the natural environments nor a nuisance to the local communities. As such, we have a limit to the number of participants for each trip. Our established relationship of trust with the locals is the foundation of our activities that are designed to benefit both the locals and the visitors.

Activity Date: August 26 ~ 30, 2019

Activity Price

For General Public: ¥40,000

For University/ Graduate Students: ¥20,000


Please note that the activity price does not include accommodation, transportation to Shikoku or daily meal expenses. We can arrange affordable accommodation for you at a local guest house. Please let us know in the booking form. 

* Please note that this activity will only take place with a minimum of 5 participants.
In the event that we have less than 5 paticipants, the activity will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy
You can get a full refund with no cancellation charges incurred, if you cancel earlier than 30 days before the activity date.

A cancellation charge equivalent to half the participation fee will be incurred if you cancel earlier than 15 days before the activity date.

There will be no refunds if you cancel later than 14 days before the activity date.

We are working with a local organization who is in charge of the coordination and reservation of accommodation facilities and transportation.

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