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Meet The Locals

Ishinomaki 石巻

Do It Yourself

Ishinomaki Lab was founded in 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake when the tsunami swept away large parts of the city and local residents lost a place to gather. A group of residents came together and decided to make some benches of people to sit. When there is a bench, people naturally sit down, and conversations begin, almost magically. Conversations are the catalyst for disaster recovery and revitalization of the city. Ishinomaki Lab sells furnitures with simple, yet functional, designs, but our main idea is not to just sell furniture, but to teach people how to make their own furniture using simple tools and materials. Despite Ishinomaki Lab’s original idea was to teach DIY to disaster-affected people and make them independent from the external help, it has developed into a design furniture brand that is spreading the spirit of DIY through the world. My current plan is to build a casual space outside our atelier so that local residents and visitors can gather. We just completed our wooden deck and are now working on the roof. I can’t wait to see this place turn into reality.