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Ishinomaki 石巻

Love Hate Relationship

I live in Oshika Peninsula- a diverse patchwork of greenery matching the shimmering blue Pacfici Ocean into which the peninsula protrudes. Such is the beauty of my hometown until the ocean turned against us in 2011 as the tsunami took away the lives of my mother and elder brother. Hatred towards the sea brewed inside me for some time, but slowly I realize the blessings and dangers of the ocean are just opposite sides of the same coin. Over generations, our lives have been inseparable from the seas, and I believe this fact will never change. I have learnt to balance this love-hate relationship with the seas- I now play by the seas just like I did in my childhood. Oshika has its charming peculiarities and I wish more people would know about it and come and enjoy the “nothingness” that we have.