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Meet The Locals

Ishinomaki 石巻

Moving from Place to Place

I was born in Shiga prefecture, but have since then moved and lived in many places- Osaka, Toronto (Canada), Iriomote island (Okinawa), Hitoyoshi (Kumamoto), Hakuba (Nagano) and some parts of South East Asia. I have encountered all kinds of people in my journey through life, but it all changed when I came to Ishinomaki, initially as a disaster volunteer. At first, I imagined Ishinomaki to be a god-forsaken place which was destroyed by the tsunami, and people scarred by the disaster. Contrary to what I had imagined, the people here were glittering with hope, warm-hearted, strong and resilient. Creative people settled down in this city, starting new businesses, new projects and novel initiatives that bring life and art into the daily lives of Ishinomaki residents. New things are born every now and then, and this makes Ishinomaki unique and different from other places. Ishinomaki is also blessed with its mountains, seas and rivers, where we are bestowed with fresh seafood and mesmerizing natural sceneries. I have lived here for 6 years, but I was never bored of it- not even a second.